Longitudinal School Attendance Boundary Survey (LSABS)

Digitizing Guides

Digitizing school districts is a challenging undertaking and we welcome help from anyone interested in contributing to the project by digitizing some of the data we have collected.

The LSABS team has developed a number of technical guides for digitizing school attendance zone boundaries, both in ArcGIS Pro and in QGIS. We encourage those interested in contributing to the project to look through these materials.

In addition, LSABS is working with instructors in GIS courses to develop labs that allow students to digitize materials for submission to the project. Digitizing school attendance boundaries teaches a wide range of core GIS concepts from projections and rubbersheeting to vertice editingĀ  and point in polygon tests that give students a sense of how complex and messy real-life data can be. We have prepared labs for two classrooms so far which you are welcome to use in your own course provided you let us know you are using it and provide attribution. If you end up modifying our labs or making your own to focus on a local school district we would love it if you would share the lab with us and have your students share their data through the contact form on the main page.